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Our company is engaged in complex supply of equipment and machines on metal working and the equipment for production of rubber products across the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS, also we deliver the equipment to China and the European Union. On a constant basis we look for partners in sales of the equipment worldwide. We take orders for search of the equipment in the territory of the Russian Federation and including the unique equipment. Are ready to represent your interests in the territory of the Russian Federation as representatives (for technical inspection, financial safety, maintaining contracts of delivery and customs registrations. We buy and look for reliable partners in other countries for implementation of international relations. Our applications for the equipment from the abroad can be received on an e-mail of info@promig.net we Buy machines with ChPU at reasonable prices. Are ready to improve the long-term relations with foreign orchestra seats for fruitful work. We have extensive base of sellers and buyers on our subject in all territory of the CIS. We have the warehouse and production base for repair and storage of machines. We can cooperate in the plan of survey and an assessment of a condition of machines, temporary storage in our territory. Always we have applications for acquisition of foreign machines. We can be useful to your clients in the Russian Federation: we make barter transactions with your clients (we exchange your machines for illiquid assets of the client) at the same time you receive our money, and the client your equipment.
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